LinkedIn 2-Part Webinar Series

Linkedin-2-part webinar

LinkedIn is the world’s largest database. With so many professionals at your fingertips, it will be important to know how to unlock LinkedIn’s treasures.

Many of you have tried simply inviting someone to connect with you on LinkedIn and then hitting them full force with your business message. This tactic did not work. You may have even caused a disconnect. LinkedIn does not work that way.

  • How do I get discovered on LinkedIn by people seeking my services?
  • How do I create momentum so that others want to hear more about my business?
  • How do I develop actual connections with the professionals I am interested in meeting?
  • How do I attract people who will contact me as a business professional?

Our LinkedIn training will answer these questions and more. This is a 2-part webinar series, 1 hour of your time for 2 weeks. Unlike many other webinars, you get to ask questions because our class sizes are intentionally kept small. We record our webinars for you to review at your leisure, we cater to small and medium sized business professionals and we understand that when your phone rings, you answer it.

At the end of this series, you will have downloads of examples in which you can use to leverage LinkedIn, get found easily by professionals seeking your services and a recorded webinar that you can refer back to.

This  2 part webinar , Leveraging LinkedIn is broadcast March 20 & March 27 (Thursdays) at 9:00 AM MST

COST: $120


or call to register: 719/428-5451

We accept Checks, Money Order, Credit Cards

Facebook Fan Page Finesse

Our Facebook Workshop is held each Thursday morning in February (except February 13) at either 9:30 am MOUNTAIN TIME or 11:00 am MOUNTAIN TIME (a webinar) is a priced to assist with new year goal setting at $20.14, temporarily, in order to help you lean in to your 2014 goals. This webinar price will return to $49 after February.

  • What are the most overlooked success behaviors for using a Facebook Fan Page?
  • Are you expanding your reach each month?
  • Is your brand reaching new customers using Facebook?
  • Are you confident on how to use Facebook or are you winging it?
  • We will email our tool box to you after class.

This webinar is a short 1-hr workshop intended to impart various tools to use in your success plan for social media in the coming year. It is comprised of tools designed to build leads, save time, and build trust for your social media presence. If you are new to or have been aimlessly using social media, this workshop is for you.  If you feel you are not getting results from social media, this workshop is for you.

Register here  9:30 am MOUNTAIN TIME or 11:00 am MOUNTAIN TIME

Please indicate in the comment section, which Thursday you wish to attend.  or contact us to make other payment arrangements at:

We will email you a password to participate at If you will be using a tablet device, you must download the app.  Please allow 15-30 minutes prior to class time for log in and follow instructions to connect. Click on the phone icon to engage audio. Call or text us at 719/428-5451 if you have difficulty. Once class begins, login assistance will be limited, which is why we recommend prior log in. We will record this session.  Please inform us if you would like a copy, the cost is $20.14. You will receive a download of the tools and links used via email after the webinar.



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While we offer keynote speaking on the major Social Media platforms, at this time we are conducting webinar training for business professionals in the use of LinkedIn for success.  With billions of users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest business leads database with members from around the globe.  Whether you are searching for a job, transitioning from the military and need leads, graduating and ready for your next chapter or a business professional looking to meet your next client, LinkedIn is for you and understanding how to find and be found is vastly important for success.  Having the savvy to engage and connect in this media is key.  Please visit our other headings to see how we can be of help to you or your group.

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